Looije Group turns its full attention to its packaging division, Looije Packing.

Founded in 2001, the recruitment agency P. Looije Verpakkingen, better known today as Looije Uitzenden, has grown over 20 years into a company offering work to over 800 temporary workers in the peak season.

What started in January 2017 as an incidental collaboration between the temporary employment agencies Looije Uitzenden and Watch Out has now developed into a partnership of considerable size. Given the daily challenges in terms of client requests, laws & regulations, and the commitment to being a good employer, the parties involved have decided to continue the work under one company. Watch Out will take over all responsibilities, including the care of more than 500 temporary workers.

This strategic move enables the Looije Group to focus entirely on Looije Packing. With seven locations, Looije Packing has experienced significant growth in recent years and established itself as a major player in the fruit and vegetable packaging industry. In the coming years, the company aims to focus on innovative packaging solutions, the complete unburdening of clients and working across locations. This will allow them to offer quick assistance and the high-quality service that customers within the agf sector expect.

Curious about how these future plans can benefit your business or interested in our cross-location approach? Our colleague René is ready to offer further insights and can be reached at sales@looijepacking.com.