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Dutch fresh port rotterdam

On Peterselieweg in Ridderkerk you will find the state-of-the-art building of our partner R&M. This building is designed to store and pack large batches of fruit and vegetables in optimal conditions according to customer requirements. Should any part of your batch of fruit or vegetables have deteriorated during transport to the Netherlands. No problem!

We take out the bad produce, clean the whole lot if necessary, so it can continue to its final destination.

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We sort, wash, dry and pack your citrus fruit at lightning speed with our citrus washing line

Ridderkerk is home to our citrus washing line. Fruit that looks tasty is sold faster. No haze over the peel or incipient fungal spots. Decay can occur at an early stage and is not immediately visible to the human eye. The new citrus washing line features new, advanced technology such as very high-resolution HD cameras and infrared lamps.

Thanks to the new citrus washing line, equipped with Globalscan 6, your oranges, lemons, mandarins, limes, grapefruits and mineolas are ready to be delivered to your customer spotless and fresh in no time. Would you like the citrus fruit packed in a net or flowpack instead of in a box? Then we can help you with that too. 

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Environmentally friendly marking of your food products

We can also laser mark various fruit and vegetables at Ridderkerk. This sustainable method of labelling is rapidly gaining ground within the agf sector. Paper marking is often chosen, but using a unique laser technique it is now also possible to label your fruit in an environmentally friendly way. This not only gives your consumer certainty about the origin and quality of the product, but also shows that you care about the environment!

At Looije, we have a laser machine with which we can laser your logo, text or own message into the skin of your fruit – very simply and in accordance with the latest European legislation. This is done without making contact with the fruit and by means of natural light. The laser device has been extensively tested and we can assure you that lasering does not affect the quality and shelf life of your products. The device complies with the latest European legislation and is foodsafe, which means it is also suitable for lasering organic products.

The laser burner can be used on many different types of fruit. It does not matter how big the fruit is, what shape it is or how thick the skin is. Our laser will ensure that all your fruits are labelled with your own label. Moreover, the label, logo or message can be changed easily and quickly.

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Track & Trace

Every pallet within our buildings are scanned from arrival till departure.

Every pallet move is scanned on location and fully traceable before, during and after production.

An informative infographic illustrating the track and trace process, highlighting the steps taken to ensure transparency, traceability, and quality control throughout the supply chain of our products.