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Port of Rotterdam

Lineage’s state-of-the-art building is located opposite the port of Rotterdam. This building is designed to store and pack large batches of fruit and vegetables in optimal conditions according to customer requirements. Your fruit and vegetables can be stored directly with our partner from ships. Should any part of your batch of fruit and vegetables have deteriorated during transport to the Netherlands. No problem!

We take out the bad products, clean the whole lot if necessary, so it can continue to its final destination.

An impressive aerial view of a bustling production hall in Rotterdam, with machinery, workers, and various processes in action, showcasing the industrious atmosphere of the facility and the scale of operations taking place



With a large capacity, the location is perfect for packing or repacking large batches of fruit and vegetables. In addition, our Rotterdam location is equipped with a track and trace system. This allows us to track every pallet within our buildings from arrival to departure.



Every pallet movement is scanned on site and is fully traceable before, during and after production.

At our Rotterdam location, we offer several packing options. Many packing options can be packed with us both BIO and conventionally. Are you curious about our modern packaging techniques or would you like to pay us a visit?

Our colleague René will proudly take you through our packaging halls and tell you more about our packing options.

Track & Trace

Every pallet within our buildings are scanned from arrival till departure.

Every pallet move is scanned on location and fully traceable before, during and after production.

An informative infographic illustrating the track and trace process, highlighting the steps taken to ensure transparency, traceability, and quality control throughout the supply chain of our products.