Divider Looije Packing


Logistic heart of Europe

In Strijen, we work with an in-house solution. Together with our dedicated customer, we have an efficient and fruitful collaboration for years.

With our in-house solution, we relieve the customer of its concerns by taking over the entire wrapping and packaging process. In consultation, we converted part of the site into a packing hall according to the customer’s wishes. In this way, we can quickly and carefully repackage the fruit and vegetables stored at our customer’s premises where necessary.

Exterior View of Strijen Location: Our dedicated in-house solution ensures efficient collaboration with our long-term customer, providing comprehensive wrapping and packaging services. The site has been transformed into a custom packing hall, allowing quick and careful repackaging of fruits and vegetables as per our customer's requirements

Perfect for both parties

For our partner, we check large batches of grapes on quality and pack it as required.

In this case, the customer can offer additional services and does not have to worry about any quality issues. A win-win situation for both parties!

“The strength of our collaboration is to operate as one team, to quickly coming up with a solution for the customer’s demands”