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Heart of Westland

In Westland, we work with an in-house solution. Together with our dedicated customer, we have an efficient and fruitful collaboration for years.

With our in-house solution, we relieve our customers of their worries by taking over the entire packing and repacking process. In consultation, we converted part of the site into a packing hall according to the customer’s wishes. This allows us to quickly and carefully (re)pack the fruit and vegetables stored by our customer where necessary.

Skilled workers engaged in the meticulous task of sorting ginger roots, employing their expertise to carefully examine and classify them based on various criteria, ensuring top-notch quality and consistency in the final selection

Partnership to the smallest detail

Together with our customer, we have developed a ginger line, which allows us to quickly and carefully check large batches of ginger. We check the quality of the ginger and weigh them according to customer requirements.

In addition, we also repack and pack pomelos, pears and Chinese vegetables at this location.

“The strength of our collaboration is to operate as one team, to quickly coming up with a solution for the customer’s demands”

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