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Optimistic about the current citrus season

A multitude of limes flowing through the citruswashing line in unison, being efficiently sorted and arranged for packaging.

The grape packing season is slowly coming to an end, it is expected to continue until week 26. Meanwhile, the apple season is in full swing.

Services such as Foodtainer, Flowpacking and repacking are currently the main services, but packaging solutions such as Carton Sleeve are also in high demand. In addition, the citrus season is shifting from North to South Africa. As the citrus season in Egypt comes to an end, it is giving way to the citrus season in South Africa. We are pleased to report that we have packed the first orders from South Africa.

We are optimistic about the current citrus season and expect to process higher volumes compared to last year. Our experience and expertise enable us to meet the growing demand and set challenging goals for the coming period.

In addition, we also see an increasing number of origins in the field of organic fruit. This expansion makes it possible to better meet the needs. We continue to expand our BIO packaging options and are always open to new collaborations and challenging projects.

Are you curious about the possibilities we offer? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Our colleagues are ready to answer your questions and provide you with the right information. Also visit our website for an overview of our services and to learn more about the possibilities.