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New way of working bears fruit

A captivating image showcasing the exterior of the facility building in Waddinxveen, characterized by its modern architecture, sleek design, and a welcoming entrance, reflecting the professionalism and innovation associated with the location

Looije Packing has now been working in Waddinxveen for almost three months. The new form of working is gradually bearing fruit in Waddinxveen. The conclusion after three months of managing a very enthusiastic team in this state-of-the-art building is that many processes are already running well and we can therefore focus almost immediately on the small points for improvement.

Our challenge is to transform the current way of working into the Looije Packing model, using the knowledge, experience and enthusiasm of the current team in Waddinxveen. In doing so, we will look at the current machine park and the availability of machines at other locations. In this way, we can use our machines optimally and serve customers from a cross-location perspective.

We are pleased to see that, with this enthusiastic team and this location, we are able to perform a wide range of wrapping and packaging activities in Waddinxveen as well. Customers can have small quantities or complete shipments repacked or packed. Laserbranding, flowpacking, netting, Cardboard sleeve, Topseal, Foodtainer or Repacking your consignment? In Waddinxveen, we can offer these services both conventionally and BIO.

ufacturing Hub: Production Hall in Waddinxveen" Alt Text: "An expansive view of the vibrant production hall in Waddinxveen, bustling with activity as workers, machinery, and assembly lines are in motion, exemplifying the dynamic nature of the manufacturing processes taking place within the facility

We also hold our IFS and SKAL certificates at this location. AEO will follow shortly, making it possible to handle import flows for our customers directly.

We are convinced that Waddinxveen is a great addition to the Looije Group for our customers. It offers clients more flexibility and packing options.

Our location-based approach makes it possible in many cases to meet your packing demands, even at short notice.